Fresh ideas for ICT business based on our expertise

Telegance Consult is a medium-sized management consulting firm for companies in the telecoms/IT sectors. We are characterised by industry expertise, quality, our many years of project-based experience and our comprehensive knowledge of the markets. But our USP is our team of specialists who are passionate about and skilled in providing consultancy services and developing sustainable solutions.

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Strategic consultancy

Strategic consultancy is based on trust: ICT enterprises only allocate their strategic projects to business partners whose integrity and expertise they implicitly trust. And Telegance Consult has earned this trust in the course of countless projects.

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Innovation Management

The key to success is that growth and revenue stem from attractive and target group-oriented products. Telegance Consult is there to assist companies with all of their strategic/business and technical matters relating to new products.

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Solution Design

Strong together: few businesses are able to realise new technical solutions on their own – key components have to be sourced from partners within the supply chain. Telegance Consult provides assistance with designing solutions for interface and approval tasks.

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One Team, but many skills.

A management consulting firm is only as good as the consultants it employs. And that’s why our clients recommend us to others. In fact, all of our consultants are a reason to recommend our company in themselves. Get to know our team and find out how Telegance can convince you too!

Unser Team

Klaus Fritsche