Comprehensive: parallel management of multiple projects

Comprehensive: parallel management of multiple projects

Managing projects related to IPTV and TRIPLE-Play

Initial situation/task:

  • Operational introduction and management of projects in the areas of live TV and video on demand for the strategically important product Entertain


  • Transition, service and project management
  • Conception and design of the operation and service model
  • Guaranteeing and implementing the operational requirements
  • Planning and steering the operational areas
  • Acting as an interface between development, marketing and operations

Project results:

  • Timely and client-friendly introduction of the product solutions based on the operational requirements and processes
  • Projects launched and managed
  • Expansion of the range of channels and apps, including a Sky package
  • Nationwide content delivery platform for all products
  • Ongoing improvement in the recommendation and EPG features
  • Building up of the media library portfolio


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