Expertise matters: showing the way

Expertise matters: showing the way

Technical strategy for a core network

Initial situation/task:

  • Framework for the strategic core-network planning of fixed-line and mobile radio  (framework: functionality, capacity, standardisation, regulation, customer behaviour developments)


  • Drawing up various core network requirement scenariosNetzwerk_engl_neu
  • Potential development paths from the status quo
  • Top-down analysis of the potential development
  • Bottom-up analysis (roadmap for the core network of fixed-line and mobile radio, Pol topology, PoP, link to OS/BS systems, suppliers’ roadmap)
  • Identification of critical stages (point of no return, capacity expansions, performance characteristics, end of life of systems or applications)

Project results:

  • Model-based technical evaluation of the following scenarios
  • Parallel operation (continuing to run existing systems)
  • Migrating the existing systems to a minimum number of systems
  • Creation and extension of “new (shared)” systems
  • Greenfield approach
  • Capacity consideration/model-based evaluation of costs
  • Identification of the critical path
  • Making strategic and technical planning recommendations


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