Strategic consultancy

Strategic consultancy – our principal activity

Strategic consultancy is based on trust: telecommunications companies only allocate their strategic projects to business partners whose integrity and expertise they implicitly trust. Telegance Consult has earned this trust in the course of countless projects – and continues to do so in every way and at all times.

To do this, we develop strategies with our clients that offer them decisive benefits for the business of tomorrow. And we don’t just deliver impressive presentations – we systematically base everything we do on success, namely your success.

Overcoming challenges with the right strategy

Competitive pressure, risks and the rapid pace of change are just some of the challenges that our clients constantly face. We help you make the right decision at the right time and then assist you in systematically applying it to the market.

Telegance factors for your success:

  • Successful implementation as the anchor of each and every strategy (end to end)
  • Interim management for market success
  • Integrity due to seniority (the application of experienced consultants)
  • Quality thanks to many years of industry experience and profound industry expertise

Business area analyses to achieve the “perfect fit”

For Telegance, consultancy is all about pinpointing the strategic options that are the perfect fit for a client.

We analyse your strategic options with you on the basis of business area analyses, including analysis of the possible reactions of your clients and competitors. In so doing, we demarcate the boundaries within which the strategic conception then works.

With our wealth of experience, we are able to use the tools of business area analysis to determine your current strategic position. Only by recognising this position and its possibilities can you identify the right strategic targets.

Our services:

  • Corporate analyses
  • Market analyses of the competition, trends and technologies
  • Value chain analyses
  • Identification of a company’s potential
  • Concept development
  • Action plan

Market research – quality rather than quantity

You can only make the right decision if you have the right information to hand. Filtering the right information from the glut of available data is not an art, but simply a question of having expertise and experience in all areas relating to telecommunications/ICT.

Telegance has the experience it takes to procure the market data and information relevant to projects and strategies. Our clients benefit from our pool of data used in successful strategic consultancy.

Our services:

  • Market analyses and studies
  • Competitor analyses
  • Secondary research
  • Qualitative market research

Strategy development – the goal determines the path

On the one hand there are strategic targets and on the other there is choosing the right path to achieve them – and both aspects are areas in which Telegance excels.

We help telecommunications/ICT companies to answer the questions that are critical to their success, such as “Where do we want to go?” and “How and with what measures and approaches can we achieve these goals?”.

We put our heads together with you to develop the right strategy for your business, encompassing everything from scenario planning (possible market reactions) to your portfolio’s potential and a plan of action. And in everything we do, we keep our sights set on feasibility at all times. Because what use is the perfect objective if it is unattainable?

Our services:

  • Scenario planning
  • Portfolio analysis and evaluation
  • Corporate positioning
  • Corporate strategy development
  • Business area strategies
  • Partnering strategies
  • Market entry and sales strategies

Devising plans of action to achieve targets

Organisation development – establishing the right set-up

Strategic changes often necessitate structural and organisational changes. New objectives can generally only be achieved on the basis of focused and efficient organisation.

The right strategy means doing the right things!

The right organisation means doing things right!

Telegance has successfully executed numerous organisation projects, based on its many years of experience, comprehensive methodological expertise and just the right degree of tact. We take a company’s culture and its values into account and give thought to how new organisational structures will be accepted within the departments and among the employees affected.

In the area of processes and workflow management, we use, among other things, PRINCE2® and the ITIL standard to design efficient projects and for corporate organisation.

Our services:

  • Planning and dimensioning new target structures
  • Allocating responsibilities
  • Creating operational processes

Corporate planning – a focus on integration

Once you have identified your objective and how to achieve it, you have already come a long way – but there’s still some way to go. Because the right strategy has to be rigidly incorporated into corporate planning. Telegance helps you to firmly embed your strategy in your corporate or business planning and in the target systems, thereby laying the foundations for systematic implementation.

We carefully see to it that your strategy makes its way into the relevant company divisions (marketing, sales, finance, etc.) and that those responsible there are able to identify with it.

Our services:

  • Target market definition
  • Market forecasts, business modelling, business planning, cost-effectiveness analyses
  • Feasibility studies
  • Development and optimisation of controlling structures and organisations
  • Strategic special analyses

Implementation management – we get on and do it!

It’s a well-known fact that the problem with implementing a strategy is the implementation. Many promising strategies are never implemented for this reason – they fail due to resistance and fail to deliver sustained success.

If required, Telegance therefore handles the systematic and speedy implementation of the strategies jointly developed with telecommunications/ICT companies.

Our consultants assume vacant or newly created managerial positions or create a programme office that implements the new strategy in conjunction with the responsible parties on the client side. After all, successful implementation is the only thing that counts and is at the very heart of strategic consultancy.

Our services:

  • Filling top management and executive positions in order to implement new strategies
  • Bridging resource shortfalls
  • Providing experts to assist the management
  • Interim management to handle crises