Solution Design

Solution design – going live made easy

Strong together: few businesses are in a position to realise new technical solutions on their own – key components have to be sourced from partners within the supply chain. Telegance Consult provides assistance with designing solutions for interface and approval tasks, thereby making it possible to go live with a product or solution punctually and without any hiccups.

Simply successful

We have a simple understanding of what successful solution design is: for us, it’s the dovetailing of RFPs, solutions, realisation and system integration. And the outcome is equally simple: products and services that work for our clients.

Telegance factors for your success:

  • Smooth solution design and realisation workflows
  • Close cooperation with our clients, to achieve outstanding solution design and realisation results
  • Success thanks to sound experience in all service areas
  • Expert handling of critical project situations, leading to successful project completion
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RFP management – professionals at work

You can’t successfully buy in services without a rigorous request for proposals. But unfortunately, a company’s RFP management is often not professional enough and conflicts with suppliers and supply chain partners can jeopardise the success of a project.

Telegance helps you conduct efficient RFPs and achieve precise contracts with your chosen partners – leading to excellent results.

Easing the burden on our clients

Our RFP management provides you with just the right service providers as partners, offering the right budget and a suitable time frame. As the client, you simply need to know what you are looking for and what your business partners can offer you.

Our services:

  • Defining the requirements
  • Initiating requests for proposal
  • Offer management
  • Selecting the top candidates
  • Contract negotiations and drafting

Technical solution design – success can be planned

Solution design is generally preceded by product concepts that are needed for the purposes of project and budget approval. But these concepts are often inadequate, technically speaking. Telegance therefore always conducts a stage of implementation-oriented analysis and design that also involves the suppliers. And together with you, we determine a production plan as part of requirements management and as part of the solution concept.

Concrete results quicker

We see prudent project planning and expense budgeting as prerequisites for the success of a project, so we see to these tasks for all of our clients. Our experience also plays a part in your arriving at the realisation stage quickly and without any unwelcome surprises.

Our services:

  • Analysis and design phase
  • Requirements management
  • Developing a solution concept
  • Project planning for a project’s realisation
  • Expense calculation

Realising solutions – proof of concept

The realisation stage is inevitably when upstream planning errors and poor compromises come to light – the ultimate proof of concept is and always will be a project’s ultimate realisation.

Telegance systematically sees a client’s project through to success when the date for going live draws ever closer and when workable solutions have to be implemented under time and cost pressures, thanks to its far-sightedness, experience and cool judgement.

No surprises for your customers

Even when time is of the essence, we invest in thorough and detailed specifications and quality assurance, because your customers won’t accept any defects. Adequate testing stages and careful technical acceptance – in particular in relation to your business partners’ services – mean your future customers won’t have any nasty surprises when using your new products.

Our services:

  • Putting together a project team
  • Defining the detailed specifications
  • Developing a solution
  • Quality assurance
  • Tests and technical acceptance

System integration – the final step in creating a successful product

System integration is more than merely putting together all the individual components of a solution. Intelligent system integration with Telegance is the key to creating a successful product.

Flexibility and consistency

Flexibility is required when, for example, it is no longer possible to adhere to the original plan, making the development of workarounds necessary. With our integration management, we manage the integration of the various service components at the acceptance stage. And with our incident management, we guarantee the greatest possible degree of trouble-free operation or make sure that incidents are remedied both quickly and efficiently. Quality milestones make sure that all the service components are subjected to the planned quality checks ahead of normal operations.

The outcome is then precisely what drives both us and our clients: flawless products that prove to be a success!

Our services:

  • Creating the test environment
  • Resource planning
  • Management integration and acceptance
  • Incident management
  • Monitoring quality gates