Innovation Management

Product/innovation management – programmed for success

The key to success is that growth and revenue stem from attractive and target group-oriented products for telecommunications companies too. Telegance Consult assists companies with all of their strategic/business and technical matters relating to new products or services.

To do so, we offer our clients a unique combination: strategic, business management and technical services coupled with many years of understanding products and markets create the parameters for achieving excellent product results together.

Exploiting the potential for optimisation

There is a great deal of potential for optimisation within product management. Studies in this field have shown that just under 60% of all products have disappeared from the market within a year (focus on non-business customers, consumer goods, telecommunications). Take early action to avoid this high rate of failure and allow us to help you protect your business’s resources and finances.

Telegance factors for your success:

  • Smooth product management project workflows
  • Excellent project results guaranteed
  • Guaranteeing of optimum products and services
  • Outstanding results thanks to sound ICT expertise
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Innovation development – fighting failure

Products that prove to be a flop can be disastrous at times when budgets and resources are tight. The reasons for failure are always the same, namely product features or traits that have been developed regardless of market and customer requirements or that have been “managed to death” due to cost pressures. Telegance helps you develop the right products and perfectly manage your existing ones.

 Our services:

  • Idea generation, creative workshops
  • Trend and technology scouting
  • Identifying product potential
  • Developing a strategic product concept
  • Developing a business plan
  • Managing decision-making and governance processes
  • Feasibility checks

Product development – striking the right balance

Successful product development is made possible by striking the right balance between marketing, finance and technology expertise. These are Telegance core skills, and are therefore available to you at all times.

Our services:

  • Defining product requirements/quality criteria
  • Target group definition and analysis
  • Product concept development/feasibility analyses
  • Defining the go-to-market strategy
  • Pricing
  • Product testing, integration, technical acceptance
  • Commercial acceptance
  • Developing a sales concept and a provisioning model
  • Market launch

Product management – using complementary skills

In the eyes of Telegance, product management is all about successfully managing existing products.

We have proven in many projects and in the interim management of industrial line manager positions that we are experts when it comes to managing product quality, life cycles, interfaces, processes and controlling. Our clients benefit from the combination of our expertise in the commercial/strategic and technical fields.

Our services:

  • Quality management
  • Product life cycle management
  • Process management
  • Interface management
  • Product controlling
  • Advanced product development
  • Developing marketing campaigns

Technology management – specialising in success

Nothing works without technology, be it in the area of product development or product management (e.g. in the fields of migration and life cycle management).

Telegance therefore offers comprehensive services relating to the topic of technology management for companies in the telecommunications industry. These include:

  • Technology scouting
  • Technology evaluation
  • Technology selection and introduction
  • Migration and implementation assistance/transition management

Our technology focuses:

  • Fixed-line and mobile networks
  • Broadband solutions
  • Mobile firewalls/mobile applications
  • Convergence solutions (fixed-line and mobile networks)
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Digital communication (GSM, authorities and organisations with a security remit [BOS], PMR)